The ongoing tug of 70 tons of bolart escort and fifi (+1 A5Y ESCORT TUG + M AUT-8h FF1) to the coastal guard.

-2 Barge Ships -1 Piece Digging Ship -1 Piece Floating Amphibious Excavator


-2 mud pumps

-Tug, Breaker-sucker headed ship, joker boat, workboat repair maintenance tender

-2 pieces of amphibious floating work machines & nbsp; purchase tender.

-Maintenance and repair work of 1 amphibious floating work machine.

-24 Meter Passenger Boat


-Aslan Sivri tug


-IMBAT Cutting Absorbent Headed Dredging Ship


Mimar Sinan 1000 cubic meter dredging vessel.


-Burak Mud barge ship 1000 cubic meters.


-8 car ferries.



-Sea Bottom Algae and Herb Gathering Ship.



-Pontoon ship with a sludge collector pump.



-Special service boat that can measure bathymetry.



-8 excavator ship excavator replacement tender work.



-Mud 10 ship hull steel processing and blast painting works.

-Carina cleaning deck blasting, hair measurement, scraper painting, and similar works.

-Saadettin Kesedaroğlu tug rudder, fog, chain fog joitik control, general alarm system, fire circuit control, valve hose and nogul replacement and tank assembly.

– Cleaning the hull of the mud 5 ship with water jet, grit blasting, painting the hull, measuring the sheet metal, anode renewal, assembly of the davits.

Marine equipment maintenance and repair.

– Maintenance and repair of Ayhan Ülgen gene.

-New tug construction of 24 meters and 25 tons of traction capacity.

-Kazar VIII Floating Excavator steel processing and blast painting work

-Kazar VI Floating Excavator, excavator replacement, sheet metal work and blast painting work

– Docking, maintenance and overhouling of Mud IV, Mud VIII, Mud X and Kazar VIII floating excavator

-Chapter 4 and dig 5 excavator exchange

-Cutting and absorbing type dredger (Imbat Ship) New ship building construction

– Ministry of Transport, seafarer staff supply

Repair and maintenance of -2 floating excavators

-Construction of 4 pilot boats

-Docking pantoon construction.

-Water tanker ship maintenance and repair works

-Scaffold command control cabinet

-TCG Ertuğrul military ship construction and maintanance

-Construction of fire exit stairs.

-TCG AG6 military ship capstan board modification

-Submarine docking pantoon construction

-TCG Ertuğrul military ship pump and boiler room steel repair

– Steel works of TCG Ç140 naval ship and blast painting of cisterns

– Steel, works and blast painting works of cisterns of TCG Ç 149 naval ship

– Modification of main engine and fender bearings of towing vehicle ships

-Raspa painting and cleaning works

-General repair of TCG AG E naval ship

-TCG Ç 145 repair

-TCG floating dock steel processing business

-Steel processing work of military ship TCG H 501

– Steel processing of TCG Ç 123 naval ship

-Steel repair work of TCG AB 22 military ship

– Hull repair of TCG AB 23 military ship

-Maintenance and repair of the BNB Metin Sülüs naval ship

Under-tubular burgundy hair repair

-Repair of pool 8 side walls and strength members inside them

-Tank interior hull and blast preparation painting works

-TCG NL-123 Sarucabey Command Steel processing work, ballast trim, fresh and waste water cisterns pipe tunnel lining and sand blasting (4300m ^ 2)

– Making a docking pontoon (20×4)

-Steel processing work of military ship TCG H 501

-Pool 8 repair and 150 tons of steel processing

– Towing 4 ship maintenance and repair works

– Tow 14 ship maintenance and repair works

-Aksaz Naval Base Command towing marine vehicle supply and installation of complete machinery, shaft, propeller

-410 nolu motorbotun onarım işi

-Repair of helicopter hangar covers

– Renewal of the stairs to the bridge of the M / S Esenköy ship

-Repair of M / S Salacak ship

-Repair of M / S Alaybey ship

-Installation of flange and valve in the fire diesel pump circuit

-M / S Gölcük ship maintenance and repair works and writing the name

-Installation, stern bolt repair and doblin for M / S Yalova 1 ship

– Deck and rudder boat section sheet metal renewal

– Renewal of hull sheets of M / S İhsan Alyanak ship and installation of a waste water tank

-M / S Salacak ship steel processing

-M / S Esenköy ship steel processing

– Starboard fender steel construction and wood repair of M / S Alaybey ship

– Renewal of port side passenger entrances of M / S Alaybey ship, replacement and replacement of belt lamps

-Pipe repair work of M / S Alaybey ship

– Stripping the doblins on the hull and deck plating sheets of the M / S Esenköy ship and making an insert.

– Change of 2 doors in the engine room of the M / S Gölcük ship

-M / S Gölcük ship maintenance and repair

-M / S Eminönü front cover and steel processing workmanship

-Seka Civarı Römorkör ve Pilotaj İşi

– Hull and deck steel works of TCG Osmangazi naval ship

– Steel processing of TCG Osmangazi naval ship

-Consultancy service

-Maintenance and repair work

Revision of Mc Grager covers of M / V Martı Prime and Martı Princess ships, strengthening of strength elements in topside tanks, local repairs in hull and maroon, sand blasting, 5-layer painting process and modernization of the osmosis system on board and steel repair work on ship hull and aisle